‘Around the World, Around Campus’ Free Art Gallery Crawl

‘Around the World, Around Campus’ Free Art Gallery Crawl

This Thursday, September 26th, from 4-8 PM, get involved with a local art gallery crawl, sponsored by Art-I-Fact.  This event is hosted by a number of local and MU Organizations. This crawl emphasizes going ‘Around the World, Around Campus’, check out museums and organizations that provide a taste of history and cultures in your own city!

Art-I-Fact is: “A network of organizations on the MU campus that collaborates to provide a diverse range of artistic, scientific, and cultural experiences to stimulate meaningful engagement with the campus and surrounding community.”

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Top Ten Reasons to Apply for The Truman Leadership Project

10. It’s convenient for parents! The camp will take place on the MU campus each day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and parents can begin dropping off students at 8:30 a.m.

9. It’s affordable! Cost of attending The Truman Leadership Project camp is $50, and scholarships are available for interested families.

8. Campers will get to meet college students who will be great role models! Our Camp Leaders, who are leaders on Mizzou’s campus, will work closely with the campers throughout the week.

7. There will be food! Campers will be provided lunch and snacks every day.

6. Campers get to experience life at college! Campers will learn more about what college is like through campus tours and eating at a campus dining hall.

5. It’s a great way to make new friends! Students from all around Columbia will be attending the camp.

4. The Truman Leadership Project can help you give back to your community! Campers will participate in service activities throughout the week.

3. Campers will learn more about the world around them!

2. It will be fun! Campers will get to play games, do activities, and have a great time on the MU campus.

1. Campers will develop new leadership skills! Through speakers and activities, campers will be able to develop as leaders.

Apply today! Camper applications close May 1.