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Truman Library Institute – White House Decision Center Activity

This week, we are featuring a great activity our campers took part in, with the Truman Library Institute’s White House Decision Center. Campers were assigned to a position that was tied to a historic figure from Harry Truman’s Administration, this photo album captures our Leaders as they work towards a solution to the Berlin Blockade!

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2014 Summer Campers

After another successful camp, we have been collecting all of our materials to gear up for another school year and to build upon the great experience we had this July! We will be keeping you posted with great materials to keep your family connected to our Columbia community, as well as updates for our forthcoming 2015 camp!

For now, check out some of these great photos we snagged of the campers playing games, simulating different leadership roles, and interacting throughout the camp!

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Is Being Cool Really Cool?

Intelligent kids like to explore their environment, lead others and try new things.  Is it cool to do adult things too soon? Not according to researchers at the University of Virginia.  Kids who have a popular reputation to maintain among their peers may try increasingly riskier behaviors to stay cool.  Early romantic relationships, trying drinking or drugs, skipping school or choosing friends based on popularity or attractiveness can lead to problems managing social behaviors or relationships later. What is termed “cool” in middle school becomes old and may be seen as attention seeking or social incompetence by their high school peers later on…

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