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Design For Change: TED Talks

Check out this great TED Talk from Kiran Sethi on the change that can occur when a community allows their children to work towards an issue that inspires them. These students were not limited by their abilities, but only by the opportunity to imagine and take action.

Kiran Sethi founded the “Design for Change” thinking process a way to give children the opportunity to create real change in the problems that are most important to them.

“Design for Change, is a global movement that empowers children to be the change they wish to see in this world. This movement has spread to over 35 countries in three years. Kiran started this global movement with a conviction that if children are empowered and made to feel that they can take matters into their hands, they will change the world for the better. Based on a simplified design thinking process, this initiative asks students to FEEL any problem that bother them, IMAGINE a way to make it better, DO an act of change and SHARE their story of change with the world.”

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