The Truman Youth Leadership Academy is sponsored by the Institute of Public Policy, the Truman School of Public Affairs and MU Extension.

For Campers, Parents & Volunteers:

The 2020 Academy has been canceled due to the COVID-19 response. We look forward to providing our campers with a great curriculum in 2021. We thank every one of our patrons, sponsors, and partners for their continued support!


Day Two_Historical Society 036

A few words from TYLA ’17 and ’18 featured guest Brianna Lennon:

“My morning with the Truman Youth Leadership Academy was memorable. We
worked on stump speeches for local office and the kids were really
invested in their platforms and promises as candidates. It was great
to see their excitement and intelligence shine through as they
delivered their speeches. Their energy was contagious and it was clear
that many of them were thinking about running for office in the
future. I know that I got as much out of the experience as they did.”

Thank you to our partners!